To create elements for an MKS control you can follow these steps

  1. Go to Control -> Elements. You are now in the environment where you can create elements. 
  2. By clicking on the "green Plus" button in the upper right corner, you can add a new element.
  3. "title" give the element a title, for example "Waste bin".
  4. Then tick "cleanable". Now you have created a new element.
    After this you can link the new element to a room type and to the MKS definition (e.g. MKS schools) in which it should be checked.

  5. To link the element in a room type to the MKS definition, go to the menu Control -> MKS definitions
  6. Next you will see the MKS Definition in which you want to add the new element. 
  7. Select the correct MKS definition and then click on the button weighting factors. 
  8. At the top left (where you can add the element), you will see elements appear.

  9. Choose the desired element. Also select under the right room type in the table to deduct points if necessary.
  10. You only fill this in if the element occurs in that room type and needs to be cleaned.  
  11. Then press "save" and the element is added to the MKS definition.