Within the housekeeping department of a hotel it often occurs that some employees check rooms they cleaned themselves.

The Supervisor does not perform a check but the employee does this themselves and the room goes directly to 'Inspected' once it is cleaned instead of 'To check'.

(Within the configuration of Leviy it is not possible to add both roles to a user but you can grant them the role of Self-checker)

How you add the role of Self-checker to a Room Attendant is described below..

1. Navigate to the object for which you want to create the Self-checker;

2. In the 'local navigation' menu on the left click on the tab Employees;

3. On the top right click on the button Employee Preference and a overview page appears;

4. Search for the employee you want to upgrade;

5. In the overview it shows if the user already is set as a Self-checker or not;

6. When this is not the case and you want to change this, click on the pencil in the row;

7. Click on the box for Self-checker and a check mark appears, click on Save;

8. Rooms that are cleaned by this person will now directly go to 'inspected' instead of 'to check'.