Leviy offers the possibility to import Customers, Objects, Units and Rooms. Handy, if a lot of new customers, objects or units need to be imported.

This option can be found under Control-> Import.

Is this option not visible? Please contact the application manager to ensure that they can make this setting available.

How does importing new units work?

  • Choose Control-> Import
  • Choose in Step 1: Choose type for Units
  • Download at Step 2: Choose file first the template
  • Open the template, this is a Microsoft Excel document
  • Fill in the requested data in the template. (See example below).

  • Column A: Enter the object_id. You can find it by going to the object in Leviy and looking up the ID in the URL, see the print screen below.

  • Column B: Enter the unit number here.
  • Column C: Enter the title of the unit.
  • Column D: Enter the unit category here. The unit category will be created automatically after the import is completed.
  • Column E: If applicable: Enter the QR code here.
  • Column F: If applicable: Fill in the parts, e.g. Floors, teams, zones etc. Note: In line 1 "_the title of the layout" must be entered after the layout, e.g. Floor, Zone etc. See example above.

            IMPORTANT! Leave the bold text in row 1 unchanged (except for column F, which you always start with layout_). 

            It is only with this data that Leviy can import the file. 

  • Save the template with a name that is easy to find. 
  • Return to the Dashboard and choose in Step 2: Choose File to upload a file, choose the file that has just been saved.
  • Choose Next
  • Leviy starts importing and shows how many rules have been successfully imported and which rules, if any, have been skipped.
  • It is possible to look back in the file to see why this line was skipped. 
  • The first line of the template, with the bold data, is always skipped.