This article contains a manual for the plannings dashboard.

Location: Leviy Dashboards

Language: English

Overview numbers

At the top of the dashboard, overview numbers can be found. In clockwise direction:

  1.  CARRIED OUT - the number of audits that have been executed. The bar indicates how this number compares to the number of planned audits. 
  2.  COULD NOT START - this number indicates how many audits could not be started.

  3.  REMAINING PLANNED ASSESSMENTS - this number of audits that have not been executed.

  4.  PLANNED - the total number of planned assessments.

  5.  EXECUTED NOT PLANNED - if audits are executed via the checklist/ DKS/ form button on the object-page instead of via the plannings module, an audit is seen as executed not planned. These audits will not be registered in the plannings module in Leviy. Since there is no way to know if the execution of the audit was meant to execute a planned assessment, these audits will not get subtracted from the planned assessments. 

  6.  DEADLINE EXPIRED (NOT EXECUTED) - this number indicates the number of audits where the deadline has expired. The planned audit has not been executed and has not been indicated as unable to start.

Detail pages

There is the possibility to see more detailed information about the numbers above. By clicking on the numbers that have the following icon (), a pop up will appear that shows which detailed audit information; for example which audits could not be started and which reasons have been given to justify this.

Progress charts

In addition to the overview numbers, there are also progress charts available. These are available on the bottom of the dashboard.  

There are progress charts per month, per rayon manager (*), per client and per scheduled assessment type. Click on the tabs below "Progress per:" to switch between the different charts. 

(*) The tab rayon manager is only available if there are rayon manager groups defined that contain 'RM 'or 'rayon' in the title of the group. 

Drilling through

It is possible to drill through your data in the process charts. The overview per month can be switched to an overview per week and the overview per rayon manager and per client can be switched to an overview per object. You can drill through by right-clicking the value that you want hierarchically drill through on. 


Every dashboard has a series of filters that can be used to adjust the data display. On this dashboard, it is possible to filter on client, object, group, type of assessment (DKS, Checklist, Form), the specific assessment type and on a date selection.