In Leviy we first only knew Dashboard roles, these are customisable roles that can be set up yourself. To simplify user management, new roles with fixed logic have recently been introduced. As we continue to develop, these roles will also evolve and thus contain more and more logic that is consistent with daily practice. Along with this, we will gradually remove more and more permissions from the Dashboard and include them in the appropriate roles.

Here is an overview with the current logic behind these new roles:

  • Users with the System Administrator role:

    • Accounts - Manage users (register, edit, block / unblock and delete)

    • Dashboard - Object configuration, object permissions, object inventory, employee preferences, link roles to dashboard roles, IoT configuration, manage occupancy statuses, manage cleaning statuses

    • Files - Manage file categories, manage orphan files, view and manage all files, link a file to all clients / all objects / all unit categories in one go

  • Users with the HR Employee¬†role:

    • Accounts - Manage users (register, edit, block / unblock and delete)

  • Users with an employee role, these are all roles except the Customer role:

    • Files -¬†View general files.