Release Notes ✍️ - 6th of October 2020

Modified on Fri, 23 Oct 2020 at 09:44 AM

We are continuously working on improving your experience with Leviy by fixing issues as fast as possible and provide you with new solutions. Here is an overview of all fixes and improvements you can find in our latest releases. For this release, we are proud to launch a new module with which you can measure and guarantee the cleaning quality entirely in accordance with the EN-13549 standard!

What's improved in the Dashboard v9.27?

  • A new module in Leviy with which you can measure the cleaning quality in accordance with the EN-13549 standard - Behind the scenes we have been busy with the final details of our new RQMS * module. With this module, you can define and plan RQMS audits in the Dashboard. This includes drawing samples based on areas. These checks are then carried out in the App. After execution, the results of individual audits can be viewed in the Dashboard. After logging in to the Dashboard you can reach the results of RQMS audits within a few clicks via the app switcher . Do you want insight into the trends? Then Leviy Analytics can help you. Want to know more about how this module can be of value to your organisation? Get in touch with us for a demo!
  • Notations of user names made more consistent - In the Dashboard, there were different notations of user names. We have chosen the most readable form and made this consistent in all places:

    First: Kingston, Tim
    Now: Tim Kingston

  • Files sorted from new > old - In the Files module files were always sorted in alphabetical order in each file category. Based on feedback from a number of users of this module, we have adjusted the sorting from new to old. The newest files will therefore always be on top of the stack. If you are looking for a file with a specific name, then you can always use the search field.
  • Improvement in API and background processes on major changes related to Leviy groups - When bulk changes to groups came through, through our API, it took a few minutes for the changes to become visible. We have made adjustments that have allowed us to reduce the increasing queue.
  • Several help texts improved - At the top of the pages 'General files' and 'Orphan files' in Files, there are explanations about the logic of these. We have improved these texts along with a number of other texts in the Dashboard to make them more clear.
  • Upgrade of components and libraries - To improve functional capabilities and security, we have updated a number of components and libraries to newer versions.

What's fixed in the Dashboard v9.27?

  • Units were not shown on job sheets - We have found the problem and fixed it.
  • The text was missing for the time and attendance registration in the activity stream - We have found the problem and fixed it.
  • Checklist titles were only shown in English- We have found the problem and fixed it.
  • Email addresses with an '+' were not supported - We have found the problem and fixed it.
  • Edits to employee preferences were not saved - We have found the problem and fixed it.
  • Users were randomly not shown in the activity stream of certain objects - We have found the problem and fixed it.

What's improved in the App v2.20?

  • A new module means a new app! - Behind the scenes, we have been working hard on the last details of our new RQMS* App. Our RQMS App is a separate app with which auditors can apply a detailed calculation method to measure the cleaning quality according to the EN-13549 standard in a very simple way. The RQMS App takes care of all the calculations so that the auditor can fully focus on assessing the cleaning quality of a building. Our new RQMS App is seamlessly connected to the current Leviy App. When you click on Start audit for a planned RQMS audit in the Leviy App, the RQMS App with which the audit can be conducted will be opened. Because it is a separate app, an auditor can easily switch back to the Leviy App while performing an audit to for example create an issue when a crucial error is detected, without having to interrupt the audit. Once the audit has been completed, the auditor can return to the home screen in the Leviy App with just one click. Want to know more about how this module can be of value to your organisation? Get in touch with us for a demo!
  • Sorting of files new > old - The sorting from new to old has also been implemented in the files in the app. This way, employees can immediately find the latest information at the top of the list.

What's fixed in the App v2.20?

  • The order of rooms in the Housekeeping module was not saved - We have fount the problem and fixed it. 
  • Left behind Audits button - With the previous release, we made changes to design of audits on the home screen. With these changes, we moved the button to view all planned audits to the top of the screen. After the release, we discovered that the original Audits button was still sneakily hiding at the bottom of the home screen. We have now said goodbye to him.

RQMS stands for Result-oriented Quality Measurement System which is based on the NEN-EN-13549 standard. The RQMS is inspired by (the Dutch) ER-KMS.

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