Important information
Are you unable to perform the following steps? Perhaps you don't have the right role or user type. Please contact your organisation's Administrator or click here to read more about roles & user types.

With the Housekeeping module, it is possible to manage the daily operations of the hotel completely digitally. The daily tasks are automatically made available in Leviy via the PMS. The Housekeeping manager can plan and organise all daily tasks directly online.

In this article you will find a step-by-step plan for planning the cleaning of hotel rooms:

Navigate to Housekeeping

1. Navigate to the desired Object through the toolbar

2. Click on Housekeeping in the local navigation on the left

Select Room Attendants

The first step is to select the Room Attendants that are working today.

3. Click on Select Room Attendants at the top right

4. Select the Room Attendants

5. Click on Save

The names of the Room Attendants appear below the statistics.

Important information
Users must have the user type Cleaner to become visible in the list of Room Attendants. Furthermore, they need the correct role, usually named Room Attendant, with the permissions Housekeeping - Room Attendant activated.

Select supervisors

You can also schedule the Supervisors so that they only see the rooms assigned to them. 

6. Click on Select Supervisors at the top right

7. Select the Supervisors

8. Click on Save

Important information
Users must have the user type Supervisor to become visible in the list of Supervisors. Furthermore, they need the correct role, usually named Supervisor, with the permissions Housekeeping - Supervisor (& Housekeeper if they also need to make the schedule) activated.

Do you want the Supervisors to see the cleaning tasks of all Room Attendants in the app? Then skip this step.

Planning cleaning tasks

The statistics at the top of the page show you the number of cleaning tasks to be scheduled per part of the hotel, usually per floor. Below the statistics, you will find the selected Room Attendants. Follow the steps below to assign the cleaning tasks to the Room Attendants and Supervisors.

9. Click on Addnext to the name of the Room Attendant

A pop-up screen appears with the cleaning tasks to be scheduled for the first part, e.g. the first floor.

a. By clicking on the top Dropdownyou can view the cleaning tasks of a specific part

b. Click on Remove selectionto view all cleaning tasks

10. Select the Units you want to assign to the Room Attendant

11. If necessary, select the Supervisor at the bottom of the pop-up screen

12. Click Confirm

Repeat steps 9 to 12 for all Room Attendants.

Would you like to assign all the tasks of one part (e.g. floor) to a Supervisor at once? Click on Assign Supervisors and drag the floor to the area below the Supervisor's name.