Release Notes ✍️ - 23rd of February 2021

Modified on Mon, 15 Feb 2021 at 10:13 AM

We are continuously working on improving your experience with Leviy by fixing issues as fast as possible and provide you with new solutions. Here is an overview of all fixes and improvements you can find in our latest releases.

What's improved in the Dashboard v9.31?

  • Schedule audits more easily - To monitor the quality of the cleaning, we facilitate the planning of audits. Since there could be many audits that need to be scheduled, we started looking for a way to speed up the process. In collaboration with a number of users, we have developed a new feature that allows audits, checklists and forms to be scheduled within a significantly shorter time than before. Do you also want to use this new feature? Get in touch with us to help you set this up!
  • Set a time for an automatic reset of cleaning statuses - In order to reduce the number of manual actions, there is an option to automatically reset the cleaning statuses per object at 00:00 at night. To provide support for locations where cleaning takes place at night, the time at which this happens can now also be set manually. We currently offer the setting of this as a service. Contact us to set this up for you!
  • Editing of closed issues restored - Since the previous release, issues are automatically closed when clients, objects or units are put inactive. With this change, the ability to edit all closed issues has also been disabled. After the release, we received feedback that closed issues are regularly adjusted or supplemented. We have chosen to partially roll back this, so that only issues of inactive clients, objects and units can no longer be edited.
  • Maximum checklist score increased - When configuring a checklist definition, a maximum score can be set. This was a limit of 1000 but has now been increased to 9999 to support larger sets of items to be checked.
  • 'My objects' changed to 'Objects' - In the menu bar of the Dashboard we changed 'My objects' to 'Objects'. This is only a textual change. Nothing has changed feature-wise.

What's improved in the App v4001.0?

  • Recurring tasks visible for longer - Openstanding recurring tasks now remain visible for six weeks instead of two weeks. This extra scope has been made possible by all the changes under the hood from previous releases. A good example of the added value of these clean-up actions!
  • Support for more clients, objects and units - In addition to the point above, the App is now also able to support the use of significantly more clients, objects and units. This offers great opportunities to register and manage cleaning activities on an increasingly large scale and in more detail.
  • Housekeeping start button fixed - When 'Start' was clicked, something went wrong with the display of this button. We found the problem and fixed it.

Under the hood

  • First completely renewed app screen renewed - In the previous release notes we told about a new technology that we will use to renew the app. We have replaced the first screen, the 'About us' screen, with this technology. It still looks exactly the same, but under the hood, the foundation has been officially laid to be able to renew more and more parts of the app.
  • Only relevant shifts in synchronisation - With our Time and Attendance module, employees can register their attendance for set shifts. We found out that too many shifts were communicated when synchronising. We have adjusted this so that only the relevant shifts are included.
  • More efficient synchronisation - Information about forms, employees and modules in the synchronisation and storage mechanism has been adjusted. This information is retrieved by means of API calls when it is needed. As a result, the app has been made a lot more efficient and stable.
  • Removed redundant code - While making synchronisation more efficient, we encountered code that was no longer in use. We have removed this.
  • Removed redundant filter - On the client screen, there was a filter at the top right of the app bar with which underlying objects could be filtered. This filter was not used so we have removed it to clean up the code and user interface.

What's improved in the API?

This release there were no changes to the API. 

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