Release Notes ✍️ - 8th of June 2021

Modified on Fri, 04 Jun 2021 at 11:51 AM

We are continuously working on improving your experience with Leviy by fixing issues as fast as possible and providing you with new solutions. Here is an overview of all fixes and improvements you can find in our latest releases.

What's improved in the Dashboard v9.34?

First of all, we would like to thank you for your input! We have realised a number of nice improvements in the Dashboard which are a direct result of your feedback.

  • Non-functional groups highlighted - Based on feedback we have added a tab to the groups' overview where groups that require attention will be placed. These are groups without linked clients, objects and/or assigned users. If this is not configured, a group is not functional. This way you don't have to search, but the information is handed to you. With this update, we strive to make group management a lot more insightful.
  • Linked items displayed on group detail page - On the group detail page, the applicable clients, objects, units and assigned users are displayed when there are ten or fewer. This way you can easily and quickly see what is linked.

    Tip: To easily find out to which group(s) and thus also clients, objects and units a user is linked, you can now also click on the assigned group(s) from a user page in Accounts.
  • Simplified display of items in groups' overview - In the groups' overview we have removed unnecessary text because the icons already visualise clients, objects or units.
  • Quickly switch to linked clients, objects and units - From the overview page of a group you can navigate to the client, object or unit page by clicking on the linked clients, objects and/or units.
  • Save links faster - The number of clients, objects or units to be linked can be large, resulting in having to scroll a lot to save the linked items. To prevent this, we have made the field of the to be linked items scrollable. This way, the Save button is always within reach.
  • Additional explanation room categories, recurring tasks and task history - We are working hard to simplify configuration. For some parts, we make functional adjustments and for other parts, we try to support the user by means of supporting texts. For example, we have now provided the room categories configuration, recurring task planning and task history with an additional explanation.
  • Batch export forms - We have implemented functionality to export the raw data of completed forms in batch. This functionality provides an export with the raw data, photos/scans and generated PDF files, and can result in very large data sets. This export functionality can be used by Leviy to export data on request and is primarily intended to provide customers with a backup in case they want to clean up the system for regular users.

What's improved in the App v4001.3?

  • Renewed units' screen - The units' screen in the App is being renewed to make current and open items more transparent and to support filtering on parts (such as departments, zones, floors). The first shot has already been taken, but the current units screen will not be replaced yet. You can, however, sign up to participate in the test pilot. Do you want to be part of the test panel? Contact us!
  • Additional explanation for recurring tasks - Just like for the Dashboard, we have also provided the recurring task schedule in the App with additional explanation. This can be found under the icon. This way, the executors of the tasks can easily gain insight into the working of this module.
  • Sorting of objects and units fixed - There are a number of sorting options in the App. For example, it is possible to sort by title and distance to the location. The information is also grouped by customer or object displayed. This view was not always correct. This has now been resolved with a bug fix release.
  • Shortcut to current shift - After starting a shift, you may want to look up certain things in other places in the App. To help you resume your started shift, you can now consult your current shift from the overview screens of all objects.
  • Improved validation internet connection - A good internet connection is increasingly becoming the standard at locations. For this reason, we have improved the logic in some aspects of the App to determine whether there's a solid or poor internet connection. This also makes the new Time & Attendance robust against restarting the App when there is no connection to the internet.

What's improved in the Mews - Leviy Housekeeping integration?

  • Proactive synchronisation directly after integrating - Leviy already integrated seamlessly with the PMS system from Mews, from now on the current state of the rooms is immediately up-to-date from the moment of integration. Previously, you had to wait for a status update per room, or this had to be done manually from the PMS. Thanks to this improvement, the housekeeping team can get started immediately after activating the integration. The Mews integration and the Housekeeping module from Leviy are used in more and more hotels. Are you interested too? Contact us!

What's improved in the API?

  • Improved error - The use of incorrect input at some API endpoints was causing incorrect output from some APIs. This has been improved so that it is easier for external developers to find out what is going wrong.

Under the hood

  • Hosting Infrastructure - Leviy's hosting infrastructure includes a large number of components to provide day-to-day availability, capacity, performance and security. We are currently working on providing various components with the necessary upgrades. We can make most changes without end-users noticing. In the long term, however, we do foresee a few short moments of planned downtime. We communicate this as usual via the status page.

What's going on behind the waves?

  • Schedule MKS inspections - It is currently not possible to plan MKS inspections. We are now working on that, and it is expected that the general availability will be announced in the next newsletter!

Let us know what you think!

Do you have feedback about the current modules or new developments? We would love to hear from you! Let us know through the link below (1 minute):

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