Release Notes ✍️ - 15th of March 2022

Modified on Thu, 10 Mar 2022 at 09:46 PM

We are continuously working on improving your experience with Leviy by fixing issues as fast as possible and providing you with new solutions. Here is an overview of all fixes and improvements you can find in our latest releases.

What's going on behind the waves?

  • We have completed the first version of our Work Tickets module. After that, the focus shifted to various other components. In the near future, we will be working on various aspects of cleaning statuses, support for MKS in the Audits API and a lot more!

What's improved in the Dashboard v9.42?

  • Control menu restructured - The control menu in the Dashboard contained a lot of items. To make this a bit more manageable, all items regarding audits and forms have been placed in a separate menu.
  • Room import clarified - When importing rooms, the room category must be entered per room. After the import, both the rooms and room categories will become available in Leviy. Typos can cause duplicates, such as 'General Areas' and 'General Area'. To prevent this, the to be imported room categories are shown. This means that they can still be checked prior to import. If the room categories already exist, they will be shown but nothing will change.
  • Manage employees in one central place - Employees can now be fully managed in Organisation. This way you can create a new employee and edit the details of existing employees. This makes managing employees a lot more transparent and easier!
  • More easily manage objects per client - On the client detail page, objects have been moved to a tab. This allows you to see more information about each object and even create a new object right away.
  • Less configuration Housekeeping module - Various functionalities of the Housekeeping module required a strict configuration of the job description. These requirements have been removed and should make it even easier to deploy the functionality and combine it with other features. Less is more!
  • Clients API Developer Documentation - In this release, we have realised extensive developer documentation for the Clients' API.

What's improved in the App v4001.11?

  • Periodic tasks grouped - Periodic tasks are already sorted by priority by default but are now also divided into three groups: Priority, In a while, Recently done.

    This makes it even clearer what has priority and when the tasks can best be performed. If there are no periodic tasks in the 'In a while' and 'Recently done' categories, these categories will be hidden. Read here how this categorization is determined.

  • Perfect moment of execution - When performing periodic tasks, just like with regular cleaning work, it is all about the observable result over the total period. Managing the number of tasks does not necessarily lead to a desirable result.
    Example: When the monthly activities are carried out per calendar month, but too close to each other, according to the statistics it can appear to be going well, but the room can be experienced as dirty most of the time.
    For this reason, Leviy's periodic tasks module focuses on performing at the perfect frequency. To support employees in this, the perfect execution moment has now been visualised even more clearly.
  • Group units by assigned cleaners - On the new units screen, the assigned units can be grouped by assigned cleaners. This makes it easy to view the progress of each cleaner. This feature is still in the test phase. If you want early access, get in touch with us and we'll sort it out!

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