Release Notes ✍️ - 21st of April 2022

Modified on Fri, 08 Apr 2022 at 03:52 PM

We are continuously working on improving your experience with Leviy by fixing issues as fast as possible and providing you with new solutions. Here is an overview of all fixes and improvements you can find in our latest releases.

What's improved in the Dashboard v9.43?

  • Cleaning status 'Cleaning' leading during import - When importing a new schedule, the cleaning status 'Cleaning' is no longer overwritten by another status. This prevents units where cleaning was previously postponed from being lost sight of by the cleaning staff.
  • Larger input field for description of actions - To make it easier to enter information about actions that result from issues, the input field has been enlarged. This can be enlarged manually if desired.
  • New object page - On the new object page in Organisation you can view all the details of an object in one overview. By details, we mean the title, number, address, contact details and linked groups.
  • Updated standard room categories and elements - When you start with Leviy, we always provide a standard set of common room categories and associated elements. This saves administrators a lot of work when setting up. This standard set of room categories and elements was due for renewal. After an assessment, we updated it with new common room categories and elements.
  • New DKS board - The DKS board in Leviy Analytics has been optimised to support data-driven decisions even more effectively. Do you want early access? Sign up for our test team!
  • Change the employment start date - The employment start date can now be changed from the employee page in Organisation. This can be useful, for example, when an employee started earlier than the user account was created as the start date of the employment is automatically filled in with the date that the user is registered in Leviy.
  • Audits API Developer Documentation - In this release, we have realised extensive developer documentation for the Audits API.

What's improved in the App v4001.12?

  • Speedy synchronisation - The issues synchronisation mechanism has been completely renewed. This benefits the speed and ensures a more robust operation on iOS devices in particular.
  • Total periodic tasks per object - When you use the new units' screen you can see per object for which units periodic tasks still need to be performed. Within one click you can see where tasks with priority are still open. Very handy!
  • More information about tasks - Some tasks require additional explanation. That is why you can now also add a description to task definitions. This description can be read when performing a task in the App.
  • Work ahead with tasks - It is now possible to pre-register tasks that are planned for the future. This offers flexibility to work ahead if an earlier day is more appropriate.
  • Assigned to me - The new units' screen is filtered to 'Assigned to me' by default for users with the cleaner user type. This way no additional action is required to see their assignments. This feature is still in the beta phase. Do you want to use this early? Then contact us!

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