Release Notes ✍️ - 24th of May 2022

Modified on Wed, 11 May 2022 at 02:36 PM

We are continuously working on improving your experience with Leviy by fixing issues as fast as possible and providing you with new solutions. Here is an overview of all fixes and improvements you can find in our latest releases.

What's improved in the Dashboard v9.44?

  • Units with merged statuses displayed more compactly - In the previous release, we made an improvement to the status import. When importing, the cleaning status 'To clean' is no longer overwritten by another status. Since the number of units where this happens can be quite large, we have aligned this list horizontally.
  • Less management cleaning statuses - Within Leviy you can use different cleaning statuses. These can be used dynamically and must therefore be configured per object, but there is no deviation from the standard statuses in many cases. Partly for this reason, we started migrating to fixed cleaning statuses. This makes application management a lot easier!
  • Central work locations management - Work locations can now be managed centrally for each employee. You can now assign or remove a work location per employee in Organisation. Before this could only be done per object, which made it difficult to obtain insight into which objects an employee was assigned.
  • Improved information display - We have made improvements in several places to make it easier to scan and read information. You will see more icons, and improved readability and consistency.
  • Audits deletion - Our platform includes four audit formats: DKS, Checklist, MKS and RQMS. At some point, these might need to be deleted. It was a tedious job but we managed to successfully create deletion features for this.
  • Issue deletion - Issues with all history, along with actions, photos, etcetera can now be permanently deleted. 
  • PDF reports Audits API - In the previous release, we included developer endpoints and documentation to extract audits. We have now completed this with the possibility to download the PDF reports of these audits as well.
  • Object timezone - Some features in Leviy depend on a correctly set timezone of objects. This was not set up well for all objects yet, hindering further feature developments. This has been resolved.
  • Browser compatibility - Browsers are often updated and every now and then we improve our code to ensure things display well and effectively in any browser.   

What's improved in the App v4001.13?

  • Support for Chromebooks - Lately we received requests to see if the Leviy App could be used on Chromebooks. We were happy to look into this and made the changes needed to make this possible. Especially for those users who write meeting reports in Leviy using the Forms module, we recognise the benefit of having a full keyboard available.
  • Changing cleaning status more intuitive - When you want to change the cleaning status of a unit, a screen pops out where you can not only change the status but also (re)assign cleaners and supervisors. These actions are often irrelevant and can even be distracting. That is why after clicking on 'Change status' you will now get a clear screen with only the cleaning status, remark and labels.
  • Change status from new units (listing) screen - The cleaning status can now be changed from the new units screen by clicking on the status icon. This way you don't have to navigate to a specific unit to perform this action and you can quickly indicate the status of the units you cleaned or checked.
  • OS compatibility cleanup - The App is supported by a wide range of Android and iOS versions. For this release, we focused on removing some 'outdated' code and configurations which were once needed for no longer supported versions. This helps us to keep moving forward with new editions.

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