Release Notes ✍️ - 6th of September 2022

Modified on Fri, 26 Aug 2022 at 12:40 PM

We are continuously working on improving your experience with Leviy by fixing issues as fast as possible and providing you with new solutions. Here is an overview of all fixes and improvements you can find in our latest releases.

What's improved in Dashboard v9.47?

  • Create client and objects in one flow - After creating a client you can now directly create objects. You will end up in the objects tab where you can easily create the objects. To speed up the process, only enter the object title and object number, and check whether the time zone is correct. You can later add other properties of an object, such as contact person, address and geographical location, on the object page.
  • Edit object moved - In Organisation you can now also edit objects. The object screen is divided into 3 tabs 'Basic information', 'Location' and 'Contact person'. When all this information has been entered, employees will reap the benefits. For example, they can navigate to the object from the App. And in the future, view a contact's details and easily see if anything needs to be done near their current location.
  • Time & Attendance API improved - We made it possible for time registration device of external parties to communicate earlier registered time registrations of employees.
  • Employee API improved - The Employee API has been modernised so that the management of employees through an integration with an external system can be better supported.
  • Object API improved - The Object API has been modernised so that the management of object through an integration with an external system can be better supported.

What's improved in App v4001.16?

  • From one long list to two tabs - The total overview of audits is now divided into two tabs; 'To do' and 'Upcoming'. Audits that have already started are shown at the top of the list with an indicator that they are already in progress. This way you can easily finish your 'To do' list, you can obtain insight into upcoming audits with one click and you can easily find in progress audits.
  • Audit planning filters - The filter on the Audits screen has been split into four options, namely a filter for clients, objects, units and audit definitions. As a result, you can now search for objects, for example, and when you filter on a client you automatically see all audits that are planned on the underlying objects and units.
  • Audit period clearer - The period in which you can perform an audit has now also been converted from text to a timeline on the Audits screen. For upcoming audits, the start and end dates will be shown. This way it is clear at a glance when and how long you have to perform audits.
  • More information at the start of an audit - When you click on an audit on the Audits screen, this information is again shown above the 'Start' and 'Cancel audit' options, providing assurance that you are starting the correct audit.
  • Tasks filter renewed - The top of the Tasks screen consisted of a calendar which served as a filter. This has been replaced by a list of dates on which tasks are scheduled. Because only the relevant data is shown, it is no longer necessary to click through the months to see which tasks are still open, saving a lot of unnecessary clicks!
  • Search field elements - To easily enter a rating of an element in the App during a DKS audit, a search field has been added to the list of elements.

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