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All filters you select with the widgets or with the filter selection affect the widgets on that board

The checklist module in Leviy has many possibilities, read more about our checklist module here. You can use it for a simple cleaning check, registration list, HACCP, legionella control, a satisfaction survey, and much more. With the help of Analytics you can analyze the accumulated data. Below you will find a short explanation of what you can analyze with the various Checklist boards.

For all boards out tip is to select a checklist definiton the the 'executed by definition' widget. The board is automatically filtered by this definition and thus provides a lot of valuabvle information

1. Overview

This overview board gives an Object Leader insight into the performed checklists and the related scores per checklist, (sub)category and item. It provides insight into the focus points and the improvement over a period of time. 

2. Checklist scores

The Checklist scores board gives you a more detailed insight into the scores of the performed checklists, per checklist, (sub)categories and items. The board shows the amount of performed checklist, performed per user and the percentage of Unsatisfactory/Satisfactory. The median and average scores show the development of the score over time. 

3. (Sub)category scores

Do you want more specific insight into the scores per (sub)category? The (Sub)category scores board takes a deeper look at (sub)categories. With a line diagram, you can clearly see which (sub) categories are going well and which need more attention.

4. Scores

The Items board gives you insight into the items and answers from the checklists. It looks at the average score of the items per (sub)category.

-The difference between the widgets "items with score" and "Items without score" has to do with whether or not a score definition is attached to it.
- Checklist can contain many items, use the delimiter under the widget to view items more clearly.

5. Cleaners

In a checklist the cleaner can be entered or is automatically linked if a cleaner is assigned to the unit. The cleaner board shows the scores & performed checklists of the cleaners. In the results you can see for which cleaner the most or the least checklists have been carried out and the ratio insufficient/satisfactory.

6. Last executed checklists

This board allows you to find out when the last checklists were run and the table at the bottom shows which entities have never had a checklist run.

If last executed says N/A, this means that a checklist has not yet been carried out on it.

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