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Modified on Wed, 12 Apr 2023 at 03:20 PM

1. Open & In treatment

In this widget you will find information about the open & pending calls.

By distribution of notification type, by client/object/unit category/group or part.

On the next widget there is a distribution of notifications per notification type per object.

This gives you a good overview on which objects you get certain notifications/notification types.

There is an overview of how long ago a notification (open or pending) was created.

On the last 2 widgets you can see who created the notification and which user created actions.

2. History

On this board you will find open, Pending and closed notifications.

The board is very similar to the `Open & In behandeling` board only now more information about the closed calls.

You can get a clear overview of how often requests have been created, processed and closed in the period selected.

In addition, you can easily compare with how the previous year went.

This board shows only the notifications created between now and the beginning of last year.

3. Time insights

Here it is calculated how much time there is between when a report is made, processed and closed.

These times are reflected in both minutes (at the bottom of the page) and hours.

The difference between the moment of reporting and handling is called Open.

The difference between the time of processing and the time of closing is called In Treatment.

The time between the moment of reporting and the moment of closing the notification is called Total.

If a notification currently has the status Open, it is not possible to calculate the difference between the moment of notification and the moment when a notification is being handled. Therefore in that case we calculate the difference between the moment of notification and the *time NOW*. So this way, as an Analytics user, you can see how long a notification has the status open now.

The above principle also applies to the status In progress.

When calculating Total of a notification that is not yet closed, we calculate the difference between the time of creation and the *time NOW*.

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