Release Notes ✍️ - Edition #8 2023

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep, 2023 at 2:47 PM

It is our mission to improve your working day. To achieve this, we are constantly working on new developments so that you can work more efficiently, but above all enjoy what you do!

Below you will find an overview of all improvements that can be found in the latest releases of September 26, 2023. Do you have feedback or wishes? Let us know here and maybe we will soon translate your feedback into a nice improvement!

In the coming months, we will work towards more frequent releases of our platform. This applies to both the App and the Web interface. This is prompted by the desire of our customers to be able to get new options to the end users quickly, as well as new technical options that support this. In line with this adjustment, the methodology for the release notes will also be adjusted: we will from now on communicate the innovations on a monthly basis.


An easy-to-manage application contributes to an organisation's overall efficiency and success while easing the burden of complexity and technical difficulties. For this reason, we continue to invest in good manageability of our application. This time the focus was on managing NFC tags:

  • Link NFCs more easily - NFCs are used in various ways in Leviy. For example, with an NFC tag, a room or machine can be quickly found by simply scanning it. NFC tags can also be used for time registration. Until now, a separate app was required to connect NFC tags. This posed challenges and limited the ability to control usage within companies. The writing functionality has now been made part of the regular Leviy App and is only available to users with the Administrator user type. Want to get started? Go to the information overview of an object or unit to link an NFC.

DKS & Checklists

The Daily Control System is used by many cleaning companies by the building management to quickly and easily gain insight into the quality of the cleaning maintenance. With a checklist, everything can be checked according to your own model, structure, rules and calculations. We have made a change that is applied to both auditing methods:

  • Employee selection updated - Sometimes it is time to improve an existing functionality. This release was done during employee selection in a DKS and Checklist check. This is now a lot faster and more intuitive to use!

Work schedules

How can I digitise my work schedule with Leviy? This has been a prominent question from our customers over the past period. With the existing functionalities in Leviy, we can already meet this wish, but we want more. In the past period, we have therefore been working on a development that makes digitising your work schedule even easier. Sign up to get early access to this development and take your overall service to the next level! Fresh off the press a number of new additions:

  • Periodic tasks in the same flow - In addition to regular work, it is now also possible to register periodic work. All periodic tasks with priority are displayed in the work schedule overview per unit so that the cleaner can include them along with the regular work. In this article, you can read when a periodic task is given priority.
  • Improved display of the work schedule per unit - With the addition of the relevant periodic tasks to the overview for the cleaner, we have chosen to enlarge the display of the work schedule per unit. This provides space for the optimal presentation of all information for employees and in many cases prevents the need to scroll.
  • Total overview of periodic tasks per object - Once all regular tasks have been performed, the status changes to done and the unit disappears from the list. To prevent losing periodic tasks that are not included in regular cleaning out of sight, a complete overview of all units where open standing periodic tasks with priority can be found from the object overview in the app.


With the above-mentioned further developments, we increasingly support working with tasks within a work schedule. Nevertheless, we believe it is important to keep our current task solution at a high level in order to ensure that existing processes run optimally.

  • Quickly disable filters - You can search and filter on the Tasks overview in the app. For example, this allows employees to view the tasks that have been assigned to them. We have clarified the display when there are no results, because nothing has been assigned or, for example, all tasks have already been performed, and added an option to remove the filters and search with one click.

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