How is the score of an MKS audit calculated?

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The MKS resembles the DKS in many ways, but the MKS is made up of a number of arithmetical components: 

  • Room types
  • Weighting factors 
  • Elements 
  • Points deduction 
  • Fatal questions

The MKS comprises a number of room categories and specific elements are configured for each room category. Each element generates a certain point deduction, the options are: 

  • 0.25 
  • 0.50 
  • 0.75 
  • 1.0. 

In addition, each room type is given a weighting factor between 1 and 10.

You can give different weighting factors for each room category per organisation. For example, The 'Sanitary' room category can have a heavier weighting factor than the 'Traffic' room category. In this case, the score for the 'Sanitary' room category has a higher weighting factor for the MKS. It is also possible to set up 'Fatal questions', in which a room is rejected as a whole in the event of deviances.

Starting points for calculating the score:

  • The MKS assumes that every room initially scores a 10.
  • For each element which is rejected within a room, points are subtracted from the initial score (10).
  • The score of an assessed room shall be included in the final score of the MKS according to the configured weighting factor.
  • A room in which a fatal question has been answered positively scores a 0 regardless of the number of rejected elements at all times.

An example calculation is given below:

The following rooms have been assessed:

- Entrance (Traffic areas, weighting factor 1)

* Women's toilet (Sanitary space, weighting factor 5)

* Men's toilet (Sanitary space, weighting factor 5)

# Meeting room (Office, weighting 3)

Deduction of points for the rooms:

- The Entrance gets a point deduction of -0.75 + -0.50 + -1.0 due. The total point deduction amounts to 2.25. 

* The Ladies Toilet gets a point deduction of -1.0 + -1.0 + -0.75 + -0.50. The total points deduction amounts to 3.25. 

* The Men's toilet gets a point deduction of -1.0 + -0.75 + 0.50 The total points deduction comes down to 2.25.

# The Meeting room gets a point deduction of -1.0 + -1.0 + -1.0 + 0.75 + -0.50 + -0.25. The total points deduction amounts to 4.50.

The score of the rooms:

- The score of the Entrance comes down to 7.75.

* The score of the Ladies toilet comes down to 6.75.

* The score of the Men's Toilet comes down to 7.75

# The score of the meeting room comes down to 5.50

The table below shows the score of the rooms in combination with the weighting factors. When adding up all the scores of the rated rooms, you arrive at 96.75 points. Dividing this by all the accumulated weighting factors (14), the final score for the example is 6.9.

 Weighting factor
Calculation score
Ladies toilet6.75x5=33.75
Men's toilet7.75x5=38.75
Meeting room5.50x3=16.50



96.75 punten / 14 wegingsfactor = 6.9

Take note
If three errors are noted for an element, the points deduction is also calculated time three. 

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