Release Notes ✍️ - Edition #3 2024

Modified on Fri, 01 Mar 2024 at 02:53 PM

It is our mission to improve your working day. To achieve this, we are constantly working on new developments so that you can work more efficiently, but above all enjoy what you do!

Below you will find an overview of all improvements that can be found in February 2024. Do you have feedback or wishes? Let us know here and maybe we will soon translate your feedback into a nice improvement!


  • Adjusting work schedule - Want to make a change to an existing work schedule? This is now super easy! You can now create a new version of an existing work schedule, which will no longer start immediately. Instead, you can enter a start date, allowing you to plan ahead.

  • Link work schedule - Easily link a work schedule to a unit from the overview of links. Here you can see all the details and immediately see which units are linked to which work schedules, ensuring the right combinations. You can also search by unit title and number, and in the future, it will be possible to filter by all columns. 

  • Search field unit screen - From now on, the entered search term will be remembered in the search field. This means that after clicking through to, for example, a unit, when returning, the search term will still be in the search bar.

  • Search unit number - Quickly want to find a unit based on a unit number? You can! Use the search bar and quickly find the unit you need.

  • Cleaning status filter - To prevent confusion, the cleaning status will now always display all possible statuses, even if there are no units with this status. The possible statuses are Dirty, Done, Needs check and Released.

  • Extra periodic frequency - There was a desire to add the additional frequency for the periodic tasks of 1x every 6 weeks. 

  • Notation periodic frequencies - To make the frequencies of periodic tasks more understandable, they are now described in a consistent format. For example, 1x a month instead of monthly, 1x per year instead of yearly, and 4x per year instead of quarterly. 

  • Cleaning status object screen - Same as on the unit screen, the cleaning status can be read from the icon on the object screen. When one or more units have open daily or weekly tasks, the cleaning status will be “Dirty”. When all tasks are completed, it will display “Done”. This way, you can see at a glance by the colour whether there are still open tasks, easy peasy!

  • Cancel tasks unit - When cancelling all tasks of a unit, only the daily tasks will be cancelled. The weekly tasks will remain open to be picked up later.  

  • Progress weekly tasks - Just like the daily tasks, it’s now also possible to see the progress of the number of units with open (bi-)weekly tasks in the progress bar. This provides insight for the cleaning team, but as a manager, you can see from a distance exactly how far your team has progressed!

  • Select weekly tasks - When finishing (bi-) weekly tasks, selecting them all at once is now possible. This saves a lot of time!

  • Daily tasks - Daily tasks that are not completed on the scheduled day will be automatically cancelled. Previously, these tasks would remain open if not completed until the next scheduled occurrence. However, as tasks are meant to be performed on the scheduled day, they will now be cancelled after this day.

  • Description task definition ad-hoc - From now on, when registering an ad-hoc task, you can also read the task description. This way, you have all the information at hand to perform the task properly.

  • Colour indicator points of attention - In the cleaning status icon, the colour of the indicator for attention points has been made more prominent with red, so it stands out better. This way, it's clear where the cleaning team still needs to focus attention to ensure everything is spick and span.

Work ticket

  • Service cancel work ticket - To make it easier for the back office to cancel a service from a work ticket, it can now also be cancelled in the web application. This allows someone who is not on-site to cancel it. For the same reason, adding a signature is also no longer mandatory. 

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