Important information
Not every user has the right to create a new DKS, only the Administrator within your organisation can do this. Would you like to see a new DKS within your organisation? Please contact your Administrator.

To perform the DKS digitally with the App, it must first be configured in the Dashboard. Leviy has developed a standard DKS. This standard DKS contains predetermined room categories and elements. The following room categories are included in a standard DKS: Office rooms, Classrooms, Sanitary and Traffic.

Follow the steps below to add a Standard DKS:

1. Click on Control and then on DKS definitions in the toolbar

2. Click on the Blue button (Plus)at the top right

3. Enter the following information:

    a. Enter the Title of the DKS

    b. Indicate whether Attendees are desired or required

    c. Link the desired Objects

        - If you choose Objects of clients, you link the DKS to all objects of the selected clients

        - If you choose Objects, you connect the DKS to individual objects

4.  Click on Add

This was the last step, you have now added a standard DKS.

Would you like to tailor a DKS for your organisation? This is possible! Take a look at this article. It explains how to make adjustments.

It is not usual, but a DKS can also be performed for a Unit. Choose Units of objects to link a DKS to all units of the selected objects or Units to link them to separate units.