How do I plan an audit?

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Important information
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Within Leviy we have a number of modules that can be used for auditing. These modules are DKS, MKS, Checklists and Forms. These are all slightly different templates which can be used to create audit definitions. It is possible to plan these audits in Leviy. Most organisations choose to do this in order to be able to improve their cleaning quality. If you plan an audit monthly, you will get a clear picture of the cleaning quality at the locations over time. 

Follow the steps below to plan an audit:

1. Click on Audits & Forms in the menu bar and then click Audit planning

2. Click on Addat the top right

3. Fill in the requested details

a. Choose the audit you want to plan for Audit definition

b. Fill in the Employee if you want to assign the audit to a person

c. Choose the Frequency with which you want to plan the audit

You can choose from: once a week, weekly or monthly (If you put a frequency, the deadline is put down the same as the frequency)

d. Enter the Start date

e. Fill in the End date

f.  Give the audit a Deadline, i.e. the number of days after the scheduled date on which the audit may still be conducted. (If you put a frequency, the deadline is put down the same as the frequency)

g. Fill in a Description if necessary

h. Choose the desired Entities ( client, object or unit) on which you want to plan this audit

4. Click on Save

The start date determines the day on which the audit will recur. For example, if you choose a monthly frequency for Tuesday 1 September 2020, the check will return every first Tuesday of the month. In this case, this will be Tuesday 6 October 2020.

Take note
- Do you want to assign an audit to an employee? Then only the employee can see and complete the planned audit. If the employee is ill or on holiday, the audit must be assigned to another employee. If you don't assign audits to employees, the planning will be visible to all the auditors at that location.
- When a monthly frequency, and a start date in the 5th week of the month is selected, the audit will only be planned on months with a 5th week.

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