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In this article, we explain how to plan, view, filter and start audits in the App. To learn more, please click on the subject you would like to know more about:

Planning Audits

Audits are usually planned in the Dashboard, but if you want to schedule an extra audit for a client, object or unit, you can do it in the App as well.

Follow the steps below to plan an audit in the App:

1. Click on Client, Object or Unit from the home screen

2. Click on the button Plan activity under Actions

3. Fill in the following information:

a. For Type Audit, enter the type of audit
b. For Description, you can add a note
c. For Deadline, enter the number of days for which the audit may start
d. Enter the Start date
e. Select if it can be scheduled for the Whole day if not, choose a time.  

4. Click on Saveto save the audit

5. Click Yes to confirm

Open and upcoming audits

On the home screen and the client, object and unit screens in the App you can find open audits. 

1. Swipe to see the different audits

2. Do you want to see all Audits? Click on the button All

3. You will see the open audits

4. And the upcoming audits

By dragging your finger from the top to bottom of the scree in the Audits, a refresh icon will appear and the content will be refreshed to provide you with the most recent information.

Filtering audits

To easily find audits you can filter one or more options

1. Click on All form the home screen

2. Click on Filterat the top right

3. Choose one of the options to filter:

a. Filter for a Client, Object or Unit

b. Filter for a specific Audit 

4. Click on Show all when you have selected the desired filter options

- Do you want to filter all objects of one client? Click on the button Object. Select the Client and click on Show all.
- When multiple options are filtered, this will be shown in the list. A dark blue dot appears on the Filter.
- To reset the filters go to Filter and click on Reset in the top left corner.

Start audit

An audit can be started in the App from the home screen or the specific client, object or unit screen.

1. Swipe to see the open audits

2. Click on the audit you want to conduct 

3. Click on Start audit. The open audit will be started.

It may happen that an audit cannot be started. For example, if a building is closed. It is important to specify why this audit can not be completed. First, follow step 1 and step 2 as mentioned above.

Then follow the step below:

4. Click on I can not start

5. Specify the reason why the audit cannot be started

6. Click on Send

By closing the audit in this way, this also becomes visible in the Dashboard. The audit is cancelled with the corresponding reason.