How do I start an MKS?

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Just like the DKS, an MKS provides insight into the quality of the cleaning work which can then be acted upon.

Steps to start an MKS:

1. Click on Objects on the home screen

    2. Click on the required object

    3. Click on MKS under Actions

Take note
There may be several MKS definitions available for this object. In this case, click Start MKS and a menu with the various MKS definitions will appear. Choose which one you want to use.

3. When the MKS is started the data will appear

a. Data

- When rooms and parts have been imported into Leviy, choose the desired part under Parts

- Add a description if necessary 

- Check if the data is correct and click on Rooms

b. Rooms

- Click on Add room          - Choose the desired room from the list or fill in the room manually and choose the appropriate room category

- Click on Add to save

c. Assessing the elements in a room 

- Click on the room, a window with all the elements to be assessed appears

- Choose the element to be assessed 

- Has an error been found? Click on Addnext to 'Dirty', 'Method' or 'Periodic error'

- If necessary, add additional textual information about this error

- If necessary, add photos (max. 4) by clicking on the Film roll or Create at the bottom of the screen

- Once the audit is complete, click Saveat the top right. The audit has now been saved.

Clicking on the words 'Dirty', 'Method' or 'Periodic' will add an error of this type. A number at the end of the line indicates which method was found to be wrong. Clicking on the minus sign behind a line subtracts an error of this type.

You can see from the number of errors behind the title of an element whether it has been assessed. Theindicates that a statement and/or a photo has been added to the rating. 

d. Completion (if applicable)

- Click on Calculate score. Here you can read in detail how the score of the MKS is calculated

- Click on Add or Manual input

- Fill in the details and click on Signature

- Click on Saveon the top right and the person present has been added

4. Click on Saveat the top right of the screen

5. Click on Send to complete the audit

Take note
If there is a calamity, you can click on the arrow in the top left corner to save the audit. On the home screen you can find and resume the MKS.

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