Release Notes ✍️ - Edition #6 2023

Modified on Fri, 14 Jul, 2023 at 2:25 PM

It is our mission to improve your working day. To achieve this, we are constantly working on new developments so that you can work more efficiently, but above all enjoy what you do!

Below you will find an overview of all improvements that can be found in the latest releases of July 20, 2023. Do you have feedback or wishes? Let us know here and maybe we will soon translate your feedback into a nice improvement!

In the coming months, we will work towards more frequent releases of our platform. This applies to both the App and the Web interface. This is prompted by the desire of our customers to be able to get new options to the end users quickly, as well as new technical options that support this. In line with this adjustment, the methodology for the release notes will also be adjusted: we will from now on communicate the innovations on a monthly basis.


The Daily Control System is used by many cleaning companies by the building management to quickly and easily gain insight into the quality of the cleaning maintenance. We made a small change:

  • Selection screen definitions improved - Several so-called 'DKS definitions' can be used for a DKS. In such a definition, the applicable spaces and elements are determined. The correct definition can be chosen on the work floor, possibly also in the situation where the DKS check is planned. The screen in which this choice can be made differs from several other screens, and we have adapted it so that it is consistent and easy to use.


More and more customers are gaining experience with our measuring system in accordance with BS EN 13549:2001. Based on the feedback received, a number of adjustments have been made:

  • Back button - On Android devices a back button is available, and it had an unexpected effect in the RQMS control on some screens. This has been resolved.
  • Comment field for errors - When registering an error, in addition to the photo, the error can now also be explained with a textual comment. This remark is of course also reflected in the PDF report.


With a checklist, everything can be checked according to your own model, structure, rules and calculations. There are two nice changes coming:

  • Title on PDF report - The title of the report shown on the PDF was sometimes abbreviated because it did not fit. We've tweaked the abbreviation logic and font size so that it can now almost always be displayed in its entirety.
  • Signature forgotten! - During the execution of the checklist, the persons present can be specified. A signature is also possible. Several customers have experienced that the signature is sometimes forgotten. We have therefore added a warning (prior to shipment) to prevent this.

Work Schedule

Our latest functionalities make it possible to switch to full digital communication and registration of work schedules. Take your overall service to a higher level with this! Some of the current additions:

  • Record the reason for 'not performed' of tasks - Does the customer call why the cleaning was not carried out? In the cleaning module, under Insights, you immediately see the reason why a cleaner was unable to do this. This allows you to switch quickly with the customer without having to be present on the floor. In addition, this information serves as a conversation piece to detect and resolve possible blockages in the cleaning process.
  • Name of the cleaner - Find out which cleaner performed or cancelled a task. The cleaner's name is easy to find. This way you immediately know who worked on what and you can direct where necessary.
  • Overview and details available in Insights - Many things have been adjusted in the Insights pages of the cleaning module. You can now get different cross-sections of an object. Who, when, where and why was the work schedule carried out as planned, and why not?
  • Easy overview and handling of tasks - Multiple tasks, different deadlines and frequencies, details, an overall picture, regular work and periodic... there is a lot to communicate to a cleaner. We have made a number of optimizations to the display and input options in the App for the cleaner.
  • New Frequencies - Extensions will be released to the work schedule configuration screen in the near future. Better overview, more ease in setting up and new frequencies will become available.
  • Unit number visible - The unit number is now always displayed in the list in the App. This number therefore no longer needs to be included in the title of a unit. The number is now also shown with historical insights.

Work tickets and tasks

The work ticket module works in conjunction with a ticket or ERP system and is primarily intended to schedule work, assign it and record execution through the App. In response to feedback, we have made a number of changes:

  • Display work ticket number - The work ticket number is widely used in coordination and communication from the back office and the work floor. To support this, the work ticket number is now also displayed with the underlying tasks.
  • 'Assigned to me' enabled by default - This filter option is enabled by default, as we found that this is often the preferred setting. The filter can also be disabled again option.
  • Work tickets button - On the main screen, the 'Work tickets' button is displayed. The primary function is for the cleaning company and customer to sign the ticket. For cleaners, this button is less important and henceforth it is visible only for users who have at least the Supervisor user type.

Units & Cleaning Status

The existing unit list will soon replace the old list for all users. We have tested this extensively with several customers to make sure that the necessary functionalities are present for the diversity of users and scenarios. In the new setup, numerous new filters become available, everything has a fresh look and everything works smoothly even for very large buildings. Changing a status via a swipe action is dropped and replaced by a dialog screen, in which other aspects of the cleaning status, such as the comment and labels can also be adjusted. Moreover, the view can be grouped by assigned cleaner, and there is also a special view focused on periodic tasks!

  • Assigned cleaners visible in the list - The cleaners that are assigned to a unit are now displayed in the list. Thus, without having to click through, one can immediately see which people have the unit on their personal to-do list, but also the unassigned units are insightful.
  • Search remarks - The search function now also matches texts that appear in the comment (part of the cleaning status) for the unit.

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