Release Notes ✍️ - Edition #9 2023

Modified on Fri, 27 Oct, 2023 at 1:50 PM

It is our mission to improve your working day. To achieve this, we are constantly working on new developments so that you can work more efficiently, but above all enjoy what you do!

Below you will find an overview of all improvements that can be found in the latest releases of October 31, 2023. Do you have feedback or wishes? Let us know here and maybe we will soon translate your feedback into a nice improvement!


  • Periodic tasks in work schedule - In addition to daily and weekly tasks, it is now possible to configure periodic tasks in a work schedule instead of per unit category in the Dashboard. In addition, it is now also possible to choose a first execution moment. This way you can ensure that a low-frequency task only appears when it needs to be executed for the first time. After the first registration, the app will give guidance to help achieve the perfect frequency.
  • Link work schedules to units - Previously you could create a work schedule for an entire category of units, but we learned that in practice the work schedule can also vary greatly within a category. To better support this, you can now create work schedules from which you can make a direct link with specific units. We have added a new import functionality to link work schedules to a large number of units. We are also working on a new handy connection method within the application, more about this soon!
  • Better overview of work schedules - The overview of work schedules per object has become more compact so that they can be viewed at a glance. The overview is divided into Active and Inactive. These statuses are determined by the start date and end date of a work schedule. Tasks will be made available in the app from the start date. This way you can start setting up for a later time. When you click on a work schedule from the overview, you can view all the details and set tasks. If no tasks have yet been planned, executed or cancelled, a work schedule can still be deleted. Handy if you made a mistake when setting up!
  • Filter by task definition periodic tasks - Periodic tasks can now be filtered by task definition. This way you can see at a glance where, for example, floor maintenance still needs to be done within an object.
  • Deployment at large locations - The use of tasks and work schedules clearly meets a need in the market! We have received the necessary requests, are conducting pilots in different environments and are making great strides together. That's how we like it! The scale on which the work schedules are deployed is large, with environments with more than 5,000 rooms and many daily, weekly and periodic tasks. In a number of iterations, the capacity for setting up, processing, registering and analysing the tasks/work schedules has been increased so that even the largest and most beautiful showcase locations can get started.

Work tickets

  • Better insight into work tickets - All work tickets are now visible in the web application. Tables with clear columns and extensive filter options show the available data. For example, you can filter on the status (planned / unplanned, executed, signed) or on one of the other characteristics. In this way, the back office has every ticket in view at all times and timely delivery to the customer can be ensured.
  • Statuses of services - In addition to the work tickets overview, an extensive view of all services is now also available. This provides insight, helps with assurance and benefits cooperation with the work floor. The status of a service can now be found easily. That saves a lot of phone calls and helps with making changes to the planning!
  • Smarter filter help - The planning can be filtered by days and assigned employees. If not all tasks are shown due to turning off one of the filters, everything can be viewed using the 'View all' button. If no task was scheduled on a certain day, this day was hidden after performing this action, which then required additional actions to turn the day back on. An adjustment has therefore been made to ensure that the 'View all' button no longer reduces the number of days shown.

Behind the scenes

  • Platform maintenance - In recent months we have done a lot of work on the behind the scenes of our SaaS platform. These changes will be implemented gradually over October and November. You won't see obvious changes right away, but they will make our platform faster, more secure, and more scalable. This means that we may add new features to the Dashboard in the future. This way we can grow and improve our platform as more and more people use Leviy!

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