Release Notes ✍️ - Edition #10 2023

Modified on Wed, 3 Jan at 3:54 PM

It is our mission to improve your working day. To achieve this, we are constantly working on new developments so that you can work more efficiently, but above all enjoy what you do!

Below you will find an overview of all improvements that can be found in the latest releases of December 5, 2023. Do you have feedback or wishes? Let us know here and maybe we will soon translate your feedback into a nice improvement!

As communicated earlier, we’ve been working on more frequent updates to our platform over the past months. Many newly developed features are now immediately available rather than following our historical 5-week cycle. Starting in 2024, we will standardise this approach for all new features and adjustments. In line with this change, the methodology for release notes and product newsletters will also be modified: from now on, we will communicate the innovations on a monthly basis. 


  • Units better recognisable by number - Where previously hidden, the unit number is now visible in several places. This way different rooms are easier to distinguish from each other and are sorted in the correct order. Soon we will extract (where desired) the unit numbers originally added in the titles so that the number is not visible twice.
  • End of the day to 03:00 - When a work schedule is used, all tasks not completed on time are automatically cancelled around 00:00. However, there are locations where shifts span two days and continue after 00:00. To better support these sites, we have adjusted this time to just over 03:00 at night. We understand that this does not yet allow us to support locations that work throughout the night and therefore the work/shift times will become configurable per location at a later date.
  • Daily and weekly tasks visible - The list of units with regular tasks now also shows at a glance how many daily and weekly tasks are open per unit. This gives both the cleaner and the supervisor or object manager better insight!
  • New periodic frequency - For periodic tasks, an additional frequency of eight times a year has been made possible. From the first registration, the cleaner will be fully automatically managed to handle this frequency perfectly. Want to know more about how periodic tasks work?
  • Parts filter more intuitive -You can reflect the structure of an object in Leviy by using Layouts and Parts. Layouts are, for example, Building sections, Zones or Floors. For each Layout, you can indicate the parts; for example, 'Building Part North' and 'Building Part South' for the 'Building Parts' layout. This layout appears in all kinds of functionalities, for example in the cleaner's task list, in reports or in analyses.

    In the list of units with regular tasks, the parts filter has been split up. Instead of one filter where all parts could be selected, you can now filter the parts per layout. Not only does this make the filter clearer, but it also makes it easier for the cleaner to understand. Instead of clicking on Parts, you now click on Blocks, Building parts, Floors or Zones, for example. This also makes it easy to combine parts from different layouts and to see the selected parts at the top of the screen. For example, a cleaner can filter to 'Building section North, 3rd floor and 4th floor'.

  • Task and description display - For better readability, the titles and descriptions of the task definitions are merged in the overview of each work schedule. Often a combination of element for the title and action as description are applied here.

Work tickets

  • Status and time work tickets - For work tickets and services, the overviews have been extended to include more detailed statistics, such as the status and the date and time when this status was obtained.
  • View underlying services - In the new work ticket overview, the number of the number of services is shown in the list. This can now be clicked, so that you can easily go from the desired work ticket to the underlying services.
  • Filter assigned employee - In the overview of services, you can filter on the assigned employee. This way, it is easy to see who is assigned to which service, so you can make adjustments or changes where necessary.
  • Search and filtering - Previously, it was possible to search by different characteristics. To support multiple combinations, some have been replaced by ready-made filters and search options have been added. From now on, the search bar lends itself to searches on work ticket number, service title and service description.
  • Easily make changes - From the overview of services, it is now possible to navigate to the planning per service. This makes it easy to make changes where necessary.

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