Important information
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When conducting a DKS, MKS or RQMS you check elements in a room. You can enter these rooms manually in the app during the inspection, but you can also choose to enter the roomlist of an object in the Dashboard so that the Auditor can easily select one of the rooms.

You can import rooms using the steps below:

1. Click on Control and on Import in the toolbar

2. Choose for Rooms in step 1

3. Download the Template for step 2

4. Open the template and fill in the following details

a. Column A: Fill in the Object_id. You can find this in the Dashboard for the object in question. Navigate to the object and look search for the ID in the URL, see the screenshot below.

b. Column B: Fill in the Room number

c. Column C: Fill in the Title of the room, examples: Office Board of Directors, Ladies Toilet, Warehouse

d. Column D: Fill in the Room category
e. Column E: Fill in the surface area in m2 if applicable (this field is only used for RQMS)

f. Column F: Fill in the Layout by entering the name of the layout after layout_, example layout_Floor, layout_Taskarea of layout_Wing

5. Save the template


Take note
Check in the DKS definition which room categories are in the DKS and which apply to the object for which the room state is being imported. These room categories must match exactly, only then will the rooms become available in the DKS.

6. Open the Dashboard

7. Upload the template you just filled in for step 2

8. Click on Next

The room import will start. Afterwards it will be indicated how many lines have been imported successfully and if there are any skipped lines.

9. Click on Continue and the import is completed.

Take note
Always leave the bold text in rows 1 and 2 of the Excel file unchanged. With the exception of column E, this title always starts with 'layout_'. Only with this data can Leviy import the file.