Once a form has been completed in the App, you can find the PDF in both the Dashboard and the App. How you can consult them is explained in this article.

Choose which one applies to you below:

View submitted form in Dashboard

Follow the steps below to view the submitted form in the Dashboard.

1. Click on Control then on Submitted forms in the menubar

2. Click on the title of the required form to view 

- Click on PDF or TXT next to the title to download the form in the required file type. - The submitted form can also be viewed at the Client, Object or Unit, for which the form was submitted. Navigate to the Client, Object or Unit and click on Submitted Forms in the local navigation on the left.

Please note
- On this page it is also possible to select multiple forms yourself and then choose delete under actions.  
- In addition, we can now delete all forms of a certain definition with one click of a button. We currently offer this feature as a service. So if this is desired, please contact us.

View submitted form in the App

Follow the steps below to view the submitted form in the App:

1. Click on Objects or Units on the home screen

2. Click on the required object/unit

3. Click on Forms under 'Results'. Here you will see all the results for an object/unit

4. Click on a result to view the PDF