How do I add a group?

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Important information
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A group defines which clients, objects and/or units the users have access to. It is a name for the collection of clients, objects and/or units.  The steps below explain how to create a new group, how to link it to the appropriate customers, objects and/or unit, and how to link users to the group.

All sections start with these two steps:

1. Go to the main menu and choose Organization

2. In the left menu, go to Groups

Click below on the topic you want to learn more about: 

Create group

3. Click on  Add in the top right corner

4. For Title, fill in the title of the group

5. Click Add

Linking Group to Clients/Objects/Units

Follow the steps below to link the desired customers, objects and/or units to the group:

3. Click on the title of the group

4. In the desired line of Customers, Objects or Units, click Edit

a. Customers:

- Choose All clients to link all customers at once 

- Choose Link individual clients to link a select number of customers

b. Objects

- Choose All objects of clients linked to this group to link all objects of linked customers at once

- Choose Link individual objects to link a select number of objects

c. Units:

- Choose All units of the objects linked to this group to link all units of linked objects at once

- Choose Link individual units to link a select number of units

6. Click on Save

Take note
When you choose the first option (All), new clients, objects and units are directly linked to this group when they are created in Leviy. If you choose the second option, this does not happen

Linking an existing user to a Group

Follow the steps below to assign existing users to an existing group. If you want to create a new user, follow the steps in this article and link them to the appropriate group immediately upon creation.

3. Click on the title of the group

4. Click Assign Users

5. Use the search bar and choose the name of the user to add

6. Click Save

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