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With CleverClean, you can optimise your daily service by communicating cleaning tasks directly to your employees' mobile App. Smart sensors allow you to respond directly to building usage and current events. In this article, you will find a step-by-step plan for configuring or modifying CleverClean for each topic:

Client, Object & Unit configuration

You can configure the Client, Object and Units in the Leviy Dashboard. This article explains how this is done.

Configuring labels

CleverClean allows you to configure different types of cleaning based on the number of movements. These types are, for example:

- Light cleaning at 50 movements;

- Average cleaning at 2500 movements;

- Heavy cleaning at 5000 movements. 

This type of cleaning is configured in Leviy as a Label and in this article, you can read how to configure it. 

Module Cleaning Status

For CleverClean you can use the module Cleaning status. Follow the steps below to activate this module:

1. Click in the menu bar on Control and then on Modules

2. Click on Cleaning status

3. Click on Edit 

4. Select the object at Units of Objects

5. Click on Save

Installing sensors

Once the above steps have been completed, the Leviy setup is ready. You can proceed with the installation of the sensors. The Haltian sensors are installed via the Thingsee Installer Lite. Ask your Client Manager for access to the Leviy Thingsee stack. 

Learn how to use this app here on the Haltian website.

Linking the sensor to a unit

You will receive a special CleverClean spreadsheet from your Client Manager. This Spreadsheet has two tabs, the first tab is for linking the sensors to the units.

On the Sensors tab you enter the following information:

1. Unit title

2. Unit ID

3. Sensor ID

Using the export from Thingsee Installer, you have all the sensor IDs in one CSV file. In Leviy Analytics you could export the IDs of the units to a CSV file.

Determine the number of movements

You will receive a special CleverClean spreadsheet from your Client Manager. This Spreadsheet has two tabs, the second of which is to determine the number of movements per label. 

On the Configuration tab, enter the following information per column:

1. Unit Category title

2. Unit Category ID

3. Type of Cleaning & number of movements per unit category

Do you want to change the number of movements later on? This can be changed at any time in this spreadsheet and will be adjusted at the next QR scan. 

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