Important information
Are you unable to perform the following steps? Perhaps you don't have the right role or user type. Please contact your organisation's Administrator or click here to read more about roles & user types.

Working with employees allows you to manage this. By putting an employee in Leviy, it becomes possible to select them in the controls and thus obtain control information per employee.

In this article you will find the step-by-step plan to create an employee in the organisation. If you want to change the data of an existing employee, please read this article.

Follow the steps below to create an employee:

1. Go to the main menu and choose Organisation

2. In the left menu, go to Employees

3. Click on Add in the top right corner

4. Fill in the following data;

a. First name, middle name and surname

b. Employee number

c. Date of Birth

d. Start date of employment

5. Click on Create