Important information
Are you unable to perform the following steps? Perhaps you don't have the right role or user type. Please contact your organisation's Administrator or click here to read more about roles & user types.

Registering presence with the App can be done with a QR code or an NFC tag. Want to know more about the possibilities? Read this article.

Depending on the settings in your organisation, you can also use QR codes or NFC tags to navigate quickly to a client, object or unit. 

Configuring arrival or departure

There are two possibilities to register arrival or departure. After scanning the QR code or NFC tag:

1. Arrival is registered immediately

2. The user has to choose what should be registered, the arrival or the departure. For these possibilities, the settings are the same. 

Follow the steps below to configure the registration of arrival or departure:

1. Click on Control in the menu bar at the top and then on Modules

2. Click on User Presence

3. Click on Edit at the top right

4. Add the required object or unit

a. If you choose objects of clients, you can configure time and attendance or all objects belonging to one or more clients.

b. If you choose objects, you can configure time and attendance for one or more objects.

c. If you choose units of objects, it is possible to configure time and attendance for all units of one or more objects.

d. If you choose units,  it possible to configure time and attendance for one or more units.

5. Click on Save

Please note
The right that must be enabled in the role to immediately register an arrival is: User presence - view. And the right that must be on in the role to have a choice between registering an arrival or departure is: User presence - add.

Configuring shifts

There is an option to work with shifts that also allow you to set rules that require a user to register their attendance within a certain time frame at the chosen location. 

Follow the steps below to set up a shift schedule:

1. Use the search field in the menubar to navigate to the desired Unit

2. Click on Configuration

3. Click on Add 

4. Fill in the details

a. General

- Fill in the description of the shift

- Fill in when this shift occurs by choosing a start and end date

b. Schedule

- Select daily or weekly

- Fill in the start and end times.

c. Rules

- Rule for arriving

* Tick this checkbox if you want to specify a range within which an employee can register arrival.

* For notifications, indicate who should receive a notification if attendance is not registered within this timeframe.

- Rule for leaving

* Tick this checkbox if you want to specify a range within which an employee can register departure

- Rule for fully satisfying the work time

* Tick this checkbox if an employee must be present within a certain period of time.

5. Click on Save

Take note
- The margin for registration is 30 minutes by default. 
- Choosing shifts overwrites other attendance registration options.