Important information
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In contrast to deleting clients, objects and/or units, these can only be deactivated. In this way, no information is lost from for example the audits that were performed. The inactive clients, objects and/or units are no longer visible. In addition, you can reactivate these items at a later time if necessary.

Follow the steps below to deactivate a client:

1. Click on Clients in the app bar

2. Click on the row of the client that should be deactivated    

The row is now shaded yellow and the 'Actions' button at the top of the table turns blue.

3. Click on Actions 

4. Choose Deactivate

5. At the top of the page, the question appears: 'Deactivate client?

6. Click on Deactivate

The client is deactivated.

Take note
To deactivate a client, click on the row of the client in question. Make sure that you do NOT click on any words/terms, but select the row by clicking on the white space between the content.

The steps above describe how to deactivate a client, the same can be done for objects and units. Only steps 1 and 2 are different:
- Deactivating objects: Navigate to Objects via the app bar(1). Select the required object from the table that you wish to deactivate (2) Then follow the steps as described above. 
- Deactivating units: Navigate via to the parent Object via the app bar, click on the orange button Units (1). Then select the desired units to deactivate (2). Then follow the steps as described above.