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Are you unable to perform the following steps? Perhaps you don't have the right role or user type. Please contact your organisation's Administrator or click here to read more about roles & user types.

In this article, you will find more information on how to activate your Leviy Analytics account, how to change your password and what to do if you have problems logging in.

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Account Activation

Once your client manager has been informed that you wish to work with Leviy Analytics, we will arrange for an account to be created. Once the account is created, you will receive an email (as below) to activate the account.

Change password

A. At Forgotten Password

Follow the steps below to change the password:

1. Go to   

2. Click on Forgot your password? Click here

3. Enter the e-mail address to which the reset link should be sent

4. Via the reset link, the password can be changed

B. At My Profile

Follow the steps below to change the password:

1. Go to and log in.

2. Click on View Profile and click on My Profile

3. Click on Preferences and change your password by entering the current password and a new password

4. Click on Save

Login problems

Sometimes logging in does not work, in this situation, it is advisable to check the following items first:

- Are you using the correct link? Correct link:

- Does the device have a strong 3G, 4G or WiFi connection?

- Have the username and password been entered correctly?

If the above correct, but you're still experiencing problems logging in, you can try to reset your password. Click on Forgot your password? Click here. 

If this did not help, please create a support ticket and we will be happy to help you!