Release Notes ✍️ - Edition #7 2023

Modified on Fri, 11 Aug, 2023 at 12:54 PM

It is our mission to improve your working day. To achieve this, we are constantly working on new developments so that you can work more efficiently, but above all enjoy what you do!

Below you will find an overview of all improvements that can be found in the latest releases of August 22, 2023. Do you have feedback or wishes? Let us know here and maybe we will soon translate your feedback into a nice improvement!

In the coming months, we will work towards more frequent releases of our platform. This applies to both the App and the Web interface. This is prompted by the desire of our customers to be able to get new options to the end users quickly, as well as new technical options that support this. In line with this adjustment, the methodology for the release notes will also be adjusted: we will from now on communicate the innovations on a monthly basis.

Work schedules

How can I digitise my work schedule with Leviy? This has been a prominent question from our customers over the past period. With the existing functionalities in Leviy, we can already meet this wish, but we want more. In the past period, we have therefore been working on a development that makes digitising your work schedule even easier. Sign up to get early access to this development and take your overall service to the next level! Fresh off the press a number of new additions:

  • Days selection - When setting up a work schedule, the days on which a task must be performed no longer have to be ticked one by one, but several days can be selected at once with the options 'Weekdays' and 'Weekend'. Weekdays are the default, which also saves a click!
  • Weekly tasks - In addition to daily tasks, weekly tasks are now fully supported. Weekly tasks appear Monday through Sunday each week until they are done or cancelled. In the app, the weekly tasks are not checked by default like the daily tasks, so the cleaner only has to check them when they are done.
  • Clearer overview - A number of visual improvements have been made to the work schedule overview and configuration so that only the relevant tasks are shown and the selected days are easier to read. When a wrong task has been added or a task is no longer applicable, it can easily be removed from a work schedule. This way you keep a good overview at all times!
  • Cancellation reasons - When a task cannot be performed, it is important to make a clear record of this. In the app, you can therefore choose from a set of fixed reasons when cancelling one or more tasks. Based on the feedback received, we have refined these reasons slightly so that they are more in line with practice.
  • Bi-weekly tasks - Tasks that have to be done once every two weeks can be set in the digital work schedule. Here you can choose between even weeks or odd weeks. Like the weekly tasks, the bi-weekly tasks remain in the app until they are done or cancelled. If a bi-weekly task is not done within two weeks, it will be cancelled automatically and marked as not executed.
  • Several times a day - Some tasks need to be performed several times a day in the same room, such as the cleaning of sanitary rooms. This is now also possible within the Cleaning module! If you choose a frequency higher than once a day within the daily tasks, the task can be registered several times using the app. For each unit, you can see how often a task has already been done.

Work tickets and tasks

The work ticket module works with a ticket or ERP system and is primarily intended to schedule work, assign it and record execution through the App. In response to feedback, we have made a number of changes:

  • Cleaners only see assigned services - Employees can be assigned services from work tickets, and subsequently, they can register them using the app. With the 'assigned to me' filter on the tasks screen, it is possible to see the services you're assigned to but switching it off allows you to see all the planned services. This way you can easily step in if necessary, for example, when a colleague is sick. We received feedback that cleaners are only allowed to view their own assigned services. We have therefore made a change so users with the user type Cleaner only see what is assigned to them. Want to know more about the logic attached to user types? Read this article.
  • Cleaners only see basic information of unassigned services - Services of work tickets can be assigned to employees so that they can register them with the app. When signing a work ticket, it is crucial that the customer can view all underlying services. At the same time, we have learned from feedback that it is not the intention that employees can view the details of each other's services. Because of this, it is no longer possible for users with the Cleaner user type to view the assignees, start the service and view the instructions of services that are not assigned to them. Want to know more about the logic attached to user types? Read this article.
  • Work tickets buttons - All planned work tickets can be found under the Work Tickets button and on each Object screen. These buttons are now hidden for users with the user type Cleaner but are shown for all other user types. As a result, cleaners only see the information relevant to them.
  • Work ticket in task list - When all services of a work ticket have been completed, it must be signed. From now on the work ticket will appear on the Tasks screen, so that it can be signed immediately or at a later time.

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