Important information
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In Leviy Analytics it is possible to set up data alerts, this is also called a pulse. A pulse sends an e-mail or message via the App to the people who are signed up for it. They receive a message when the data is different or when it is below, between or above certain values.  

Follow the steps below to set up pulses:

1. Navigate to Menu

2. Click on Add To Pulse

A menu will appear where you can enter the name of the alert and when it will be sent.

3. Enter the following information:

a. Threshold: Choose a value above, below, within or on which the notification should be sent. For example, every time there is more than one notification, a notification is sent if, after a data refresh, the value is within, above, below or on the set threshold. 

b. Automatic: This will send a data alert when the value differs from the default. For example, when there is an increase in the number of messages.

c. Always: Sends a notification every time the value changes.

4. Click on Advanced and choose the channels and persons to whom the pulse should be sent.

Take note
- The pulses you configure are generated on the basis of the current filters.
- A pulse is sent when the data is retrieved from the database. This often happens early in the morning to minimise inconvenience to the user. This time can be adjusted if the pulses cause inconvenience or if another time suits the user better. Please contact us if this is desirable.