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With Leviy it is possible to give a unit a cleaning status (To clean, Check, Done, Released and No Status). With this module, you can optimise the processes in, for example, a holiday park, a hospital or an office.

These statuses can be imported into Leviy and can then be assigned to a cleaner and/or supervisor. You can read more about this in this article. 

The steps below explain how to change the status of a unit in the App.

Changing the status in the App

Follow the steps below to change a unit status in the App. 

1. Navigate to Units

2. Click on the unit you want to change the status of

3. Go to Actions and click Change status

4. Click on the appropriate status that applies:

a. To clean

b. Check

c. Done

d. Released 

e. No Status

5. Click on Save

- In the various roles within an organisation, you define which statuses a user may change. For example, you can specify that a Cleaner may only change the status to Checking and an Supervisor may change the status to Done.
- In the Change status window you can also change the Cleaner, Supervisor and Labels of the unit and add a remark.