How do I create the planning in Planned statuses?

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With Leviy it is possible to give a unit a cleaning status (Dirty, Needs Check, Done and Released). With this module, you can optimise the cleaning processes in, for example, a holiday park, a hospital or an office. These statuses can be imported into Leviy and are assigned to a cleaner and/or supervisor. 

In this article you will find a step-by-step plan to create the planning with Cleaning Statuses:

1. Navigate to the required Object via the menu bar 

2. Click on Planned statuses in the local navigation on the left

Import planning

3. Click on Import in the top right-hand corner

4. Click Select and select the CSV file you want to import

Make sure the CSV file contains the following titles in the first row:

5. Click on Import

6. As soon as the planning has been imported, the number of statuses that have been imported are displayed

a. Conflicts: Has the planning for this day already been converted and have any statuses changed? Leviy displays these changes as conflicts. 

- If you click on Save all proposals, all shown conflicts are implemented

- If you click Ignore all conflicts, the old schedule will continue to apply

- Accept or ignore some conflicts individually by clicking Save or Ignore in the line and then save or ignore all others at once

7. Click on Continue

The full list of imported rows will be displayed, after which the units can be assigned to employees.

It is also possible to directly include the assigned cleaner in the import. Add an extra column with the title cleaner and fill in the employee number per line. This number can be edited in the employee profile, click here to read how to do this.

Assigning employees

The next step is to assign the cleaners to the different units.

8. Select any filters that are applicable

a. Filter on Unassigned

If you select Cleaner, units will be shown which have not yet been assigned to a cleaner

b. Filter on Parts

If the units are divided into Parts, e.g. Team, floor or zone, you can use this filter to show the units of one or more sections.

c. Filter on Cleaning status

If you select Dirty, only units with Dirty status are shown

9. Select the rows of unit(s) to which the employee should be assigned

10. Click on Assign

11. Select the cleaner by typing the name or selecting it from the drop-down menu

12. Click on Save

If you also want the units to be inspected, then you can also assign an inspector to the units in the way described above. Follow the steps, only in both screens at step 3 choose the field Inspector instead of Cleaner.


In Planned statuses, it is possible to import a planning for the future. On the day itself, these statuses have to be converted to the unit page, so it becomes available for the assignees in the App.

13. Click on Convert

14. Click on Yes or No

a. Yes: The cleaning status of all units on the unit page is first changed to No Status before the planning is converted

b. No: The statuses on the unit page are not changed before the conversion is made

A notification is displayed informing that the conversion was successful.

Want the statuses to be converted automatically at a set time? Please click here.

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