How do I write an NFC tag?

Modified on Fri, 14 Apr 2023 at 12:00 PM

Important information
- To create an NFC, you need the Leviy NFC app and an Android phone (this does not work on IOS/Apple).
- The Leviy NFC app is not suitable for your daily activities.
- Please contact Leviy Support or your customer manager to receive access to the Leviy NFC application.

With the Leviy App, it is possible to register presence by means of NFC tags or easily navigate the Leviy app. An NFC tag can be used to program a unit, for example, a bus, a cottage/cottage or a specific room. Follow the steps below to write the NFC tags. 

Do you need new NFC tags or are you curious how you can deploy this technology in your organization? Contact your customer manager who will be happy to help you with this!

Download NFC app

Follow the following steps to install the application:

1. Close the current Leviy application completely and delete it from your phone
2. Download the Leviy NFC application from the Google Drive file shared with you
3. If you get a notification of 'install unknown app' follow the steps below, do you not get it? Then proceed to step 4.

a.Open your phone's settings
b. Search for `install unknown apps` and click on it.
c. In your phone's list of different apps, find `(Google) Drive` and `My Files` and check them d. Go back to Step 2

4.Install the application

Now when you open the Leviy application you will get the following message.

If you get this message you have the correct Leviy application installed.

If you do not get the message go back to step 1.

Writing NFC tags

Writing NFC tags

Once the app is downloaded, the next step is to actually write the NFC tags. Make sure you have the app and the NFC tags ready and then follow the steps below:

1. Open the Leviy app and log in with your normal login credentials

2. Go to the particular object or unit for which you want to create an NFC tag

3. At the object or unit you will now see a new button 'Write to NFC tag'.

4. Press the button 'Write to NFC tag', this will also change to 'Ready to write to NFC tag'.

5. Hold the NFC sticker against your phone's NFC scanner and hold it for a while until you get the message 'Writing to NFC tag succeeded'.

The NFC tag has been written.

- The NFC scanner is in a different place on every phone. If you don't know the exact spot, Google can help you with this. - Do you get a message that something went wrong during writing? Try writing the NFC tag again. If you still get the message, try another NFC.

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