It's possible that the user has a number of inspections, notifications or forms in the app ready to send. Sometimes it happens that they are only sent by the user the next day.
In the dashboard it's possible to turn on per role or automatically log out at night or not.
It could be this reason that, when this is enabled and the user does not send the items before the night, the items to be sent are lost.
This is because the app automatically logs out, which means that everything in the app is lost.
When this happens, always check with the application manager or yourself if the check mark next to Automatic logout is set based on the Role.

How you can check this option is on?

1. Select in the top menu for Controle

2. Then choose Roles

3. Choose the role that the user is linked to

4. Then click on the orange pen icon to edit

5. At the bottom you will find Log out automatically at night. If this is checked, this will ensure that the Leviy App logs out of itself every night.