Important information
- To register users you need to have one of the following user types: HR Employee or Administrator.
- Before a user can be registered, it is important that the group and the role are created first.

When a new employee has been hired you want to give them access to the system. You do this by registering the user. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate in the Dashboard to Accounts through the App switcher

2. Go to Users in the menu on the left

3. Click on the Blue button (Plus)at the top right

4. Enter the details of the new user

a. For Email, you enter the email address of the user. If the user does not have a business e-mail address, a fictitious email address can be entered, for example

b. Choose if you want to activate the account with an Activation link or with a Chosen password

  • If you choose to activate with an activation e-mail, the user will receive an email from us with which the account can be activated.
  • If you choose to activate with password, the account is automatically activated with the chosen password.

c. Choose the correct user type for Usertypes

d. Choose the right group for Groups

e. Choose the right role for Roles

More information about user types, roles and groups can be found here.

5. Click on Register user

This was the last step, you have now registered a user.

Pay attention
- Activating an account through an activation link is only possible for existing email addresses, not with fictitious emails. - When using a fictitious email address, the user cannot receive notifications. - The domain name (... @ must match the domain name of your organisation.

Do you have to register multiple users at once? Then select Register another user. This way you stay in the same screen and the role, group and user type will already be filled in for you.