How can I find files in the App?

Modified on Wed, 16 Nov, 2022 at 10:58 AM

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By placing files in Leviy, all users have the necessary files at hand at any time and at any location. In this article, we explain how you can find files in the App, but also how you can filter files.

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Navigate to files in the App

You can navigate to files in two ways:

Option 1

1. Click on the Files button on the home screen

The page with all filecategories, which contain files that the user is allowed to see, will appear.

 2. Click on a File category to view the underlying files


3. Click on a File to open it

Optionally, use the search bar to search for a file by title.

Option 2

1. Click on the button Objects 

2. Choose the desired client, object or unit depending on the previous choice

The overview page of the chosen entity will appear.

3. Click on Files   The files page, filtered for the previously chosen entity.

4. Click on a File category to view the files

Optionally, use the search field to search for a file by title.

5. Click on the File to open it

Take note
- General files are only accessible through the Files button on the homescreen, as these are not linked to specific clients, objects, or unit categories. 
- The files are located in the predefined file categories.

Filter files

To easily find the files for a specific client, object or unit category within the environment, there is also a filter functionality.

Below you can read how to use this filter functionality:

1. Click on the Files button on the home screenThe page with all file categories, which contain files that the user is allowed to see, will appear.

2. Click on Filter in the toolbar

3. Click on the Client, Object of Unit category for which your searching files:

- Click on the button Client and choose the desired client

- Click on the button Object and choose the desired object

- Click on the button Unit category and choose the desired unit category

4. Click on View results to show the files

- When you search for an object or unit category, you can choose to first make a selection for the parent client or object in order to narrow the list of results.
- To clear the selection, click on the filter icon to open the filter. Click on Reset to clear the selection and then on Show all to apply the changes. 


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